Hey there! I’m an artist and digital creator who’s all about making you feel exactly what I want to express. Through my digital designs, I aim to create a connection with my audience that goes beyond words. I love diving into different mediums and experimenting with new techniques to bring my ideas to life. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride of emotions and creativity!


36 generated fine art. “ANIMALS WITH GLASSES” is a playful exploration of anthropomorphism and the blending of human and animal characteristics.

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777 generated mandalas made of bones. A unique and captivating artistic creations that combine the intricate beauty of mandalas with the organic essence of bones. These mandalas are generated by arranging and assembling bones in a symmetrical and harmonious manner, following the traditional circular or geometric patterns of mandala designs.

The use of bones adds a distinct and unconventional element to the mandalas, infusing them with a touch of intrigue and symbolism. Bones carry a sense of history, strength, and mortality, creating a juxtaposition between the delicate intricacy of the mandala and the inherent strength and durability of bone.

BONES by TJAY” can evoke a range of emotions and themes. They may represent the cycle of life and death, the interconnectedness of all living beings, or contemplation of mortality and impermanence. They can also serve as a reminder of the beauty and intricacy found within the natural world.

Through their fusion of artistry and symbolism, “BONES by TJAY” invite viewers to explore deeper meanings, provoke introspection, and appreciate the delicate balance between life, death, and the interconnectedness of existence.

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111 generated fine digital art. “FRAGMENTUM” symbolizes the beauty found in fragments, highlighting the potential for reconstruction, resilience, and finding new meaning through the pieces that remain.

FRAGMENTUM” is a word that combines the elements of “fragment” and “momentum.”

  1. Fragment: A fragment refers to a small, disconnected piece or part of something larger. It suggests incompleteness or the breaking apart of a whole. 
  2. Momentum: Momentum is the force or energy gained by a moving object. It represents the power or impetus that propels something forward.

It suggest the idea of capturing or harnessing the energy, vitality, or motion within the fragments and broken pieces. It symbolizes the potential for movement, progress, and growth even within fragmented or incomplete situations.

FRAGMENTUM” is a very personal artwork. It is based on very personal and true events, translated metaphorically.

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